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Practice Aids

The 2016 LAWPRO Magazine student issue is out


The 2016 Student Edition of LAWPRO Magazine (“Moving Into Practice”) is now online and will be arriving in Ontario law schools in the next few weeks. Its the fourth LAWPRO Magazine issue focused on providing students with resources to make the transition from student to lawyer. It also serves as an introduction to LAWPRO and… Read More »

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practicePRO Resource: Independent Legal Advice Checklist


When providing independent legal advice, a checklist provides you with a handy tool to ensure that you are covering all the bases when discussing the underlying transaction and your client’s relationship to that transaction. Using this checklist, created by Phil Epstein Q.C., will allow you to be in a better position to successfully defend a… Read More »

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Inside the Lawyer’s Mind Part 2: Autonomy


Following up on my previous post on lawyers’ personality traits, we discuss autonomy, a trait that helps lawyers do their job but makes them poor bedfellows in a law firm environment. Dr. Larry Richard states in our LAWPRO magazine article “Herding Cats: The Lawyer Personality Revealed” that studies suggest high achieving lawyers score in the 89th… Read More »

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The Average Lawyer Is 90% More Skeptical Than Everyone Else: what this means for your clients, your colleagues, and your firm.


A skeptical lawyer is a good lawyer. He scrutinizes every line in a contract. He questions the opposing party’s arguments. He looks for hidden motives. He looks at the law with a critical eye. His legal decisions are guided by a healthy pessimism, which helps him guard against mistakes. At the same time, a skeptical… Read More »

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Don’t Let Fear Take Over Your Practice


Recently I experienced a night of cold sweats, anxiety, and dread. It all began with a family ski trip to Radium, Alberta. We were looking forward to enjoying the hot springs, the bighorn sheep, and the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. While there we planned to spend some time at the local ski resort. When… Read More »

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49 Tips for New Lawyers


Attorney at Work’s “25 Tips for New Lawyers by” by Merrilyn Aston Tarlton has been their second most downloaded document since it was published in 2011, and has now been expanded into “49 Tips for New Lawyers” (note: a free registration to the site is required to download it). It seems to be a popular… Read More »

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Too experienced to use a checklist? Quite the opposite


LAWPRO’s practicePRO program maintains an impressive online collection of law practice management resources, including precedents, sample retainers, business plan templates, and yes – checklists. Our most popular checklists include: Independent legal advice (ILA) checklist Domestic contract matter toolkit Commercial transaction checklist Risk-management checklist for sitting on a non-profit board Employee departure checklist These tools help… Read More »

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