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The Average Lawyer Is 90% More Skeptical Than Everyone Else: what this means for your clients, your colleagues, and your firm.


A skeptical lawyer is a good lawyer. He scrutinizes every line in a contract. He questions the opposing party’s arguments. He looks for hidden motives. He looks at the law with a critical eye. His legal decisions are guided by a healthy pessimism, which helps him guard against mistakes. At the same time, a skeptical… Read More »

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Don’t Let Fear Take Over Your Practice


Recently I experienced a night of cold sweats, anxiety, and dread. It all began with a family ski trip to Radium, Alberta. We were looking forward to enjoying the hot springs, the bighorn sheep, and the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. While there we planned to spend some time at the local ski resort. When… Read More »

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49 Tips for New Lawyers


Attorney at Work’s “25 Tips for New Lawyers by” by Merrilyn Aston Tarlton has been their second most downloaded document since it was published in 2011, and has now been expanded into “49 Tips for New Lawyers” (note: a free registration to the site is required to download it). It seems to be a popular… Read More »

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Law Society of Upper Canada releases Guidelines for Law Offices Searches


The Law Society of Upper Canada has just released an updated version of its Guidelines for Law Office Searches. These Guidelines are intended to inform you of best practices and steps that can be taken to protect the solicitor-client privilege of your clients in the event of a search and seizure of your law office…. Read More »

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