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Psychological tips to win over your clients, juries, and judges


Effectively persuading a potential new client, a jury, or an interviewer – and being able to do it time and again – requires a solid understanding of how people make decisions. Persuasion traditionally relies on three techniques, namely: to speak the truth (logos), be credible (ethos), and move your audience emotionally (pathos).  Unconscious (cognitive) biases can interfere… Read More »

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Sitting on a non-profit board: A risk management checklist

boardroom table

Serving as a director of a charitable or not-for-profit corporation can be a rewarding but potentially risky experience. A director can be held personally liable for his or her own actions or failures to act, as well as jointly and severally liable with the other members of the board of directors. Directors with specialized knowledge… Read More »

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practicePRO Resource: Sample budget spreadsheet

One of the most downloaded resources each year on is our Sample Budget Spreadsheet for law firms. It was created as a supplement to our Managing the Finances of your Practice booklet. A budget is an essential part of any business financial plan, but many lawyers going into business on their own for the… Read More »

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The 2016 LAWPRO Magazine student issue is out


The 2016 Student Edition of LAWPRO Magazine (“Moving Into Practice”) is now online and will be arriving in Ontario law schools in the next few weeks. Its the fourth LAWPRO Magazine issue focused on providing students with resources to make the transition from student to lawyer. It also serves as an introduction to LAWPRO and… Read More »

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Inside the Lawyer’s Mind Part 2: Autonomy


Following up on my previous post on lawyers’ personality traits, we discuss autonomy, a trait that helps lawyers do their job but makes them poor bedfellows in a law firm environment. Dr. Larry Richard states in our LAWPRO magazine article “Herding Cats: The Lawyer Personality Revealed” that studies suggest high achieving lawyers score in the 89th… Read More »

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